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a fish toy

The kids and I were worried about our apathetic aquatic pal, so I googled “lonely betta fish.”  (That alone embarrasses me.)  My fish has a ball now.  A toy.  For a fish.  So he won’t be lonely.  Or bored.  And that was only one of the weird things I did today.

What comical or idiosyncratic stuff do you do?  I have been out of the blogging loop for some time (at last I found my way out of that damn hedge labyrinth), and I have missed out on your wackiness.  Please share your favorite quirky or funny post with me in the comments section of this site, or you can add the link for this entry at the bottom of your own post.  If you go that route, I should get a pingback and can then add your link directly to body of this post.


Our house is on the market, and someone is scheduled to come look at it tomorrow.  Tonight I spent ten minutes organizing the Keurig cups and tea packets.  Studies have shown that organized Keurig cups have led to the sale of ZERO HOUSES.  I know this, but I am compelled to do it every stinkin’ time anyway.

Things to keep in mind if you show me the funny:

Please pick one of your entries that you genuinely love that reflects your comical spirit or wacky side.  I love funny photo posts, too!

Also please remember kids – this is a family show.  Well it’s a later in the day family show, but the sun is still out nevertheless. I won’t intentionally share anything raunchy, offensive, mean, or political.  You may keep all of those cans of worms safe in your cupboard because I won’t be opening them.

I mentioned the one entry only thing, yes?  It’s just a matter of consideration.  Don’t make me get medieval on your blast.

My last request is that you please take a few minutes to check out some of the other blog links.  We are a funky and eclectic community comprised of people from every corner of the planet.  The best part of being in this wide-ranging circle is the way we support and learn from each other.  Based on what I have read, it is highly probable that you will come across something you will truly enjoy.

And because I know that deep you would always wonder…  Yes. The fish absolutely liked the ball.


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  1. Hussein Allam
    Jun 14, 2017 @ 05:32:31

    Great post, but what I liked mostly this statement “P.S.  Because I know that deep down you would always wonder…  Yes.  The fish absolutely liked the ball.” Hilarious😂


  2. shalini
    Jun 14, 2017 @ 14:52:39

    Ur fish plays with a ball?? Wow… No such weird or idiosyncrasies done today… I was called weird because I have only 30 Facebook friends.. Hehehe


    • MoJo
      Jun 14, 2017 @ 15:16:06

      I actually find that to be tremendously refreshing. I got off Facebook years ago because everyone started coming out of the woodwork. I got back on for neighborhood and school stuff, but now a big part of me wants to leave again because the same garbage is happening again. I have a few hundred “friends” and although I may like many of those people or be related to more (and I like most of them as well), it seems silly. If we don’t talk on our own, do we need Facebook to keep it going? 30 just sounds more honest. Personally I seriously think that it speaks volumes about your genuine nature. I mean it.

      On a separate note, here’s the dish on the fish. This is crazy (shock), but I swear the fish likes certain people. We noticed this a few fish ago. Each one was selective about who it would get jazzed about. So weird!
      This particular fish either looks super happy to see us or 100% dead. No middle ground. I literally think he might be dead for real this time multiple times a week. So my daughter has been hounding me about getting him a buddy to pep him up, and I’ve explained that the buddy system often ends poorly with this species. She still kept pushing so we finally googled lonely fish. I was nervous about what kind of strange results I might uncover, and although they were strange indeed, they were innocuous. I couldn’t believe that they recommended a fish toy, but who could resist test-driving a random idea like that?? I couldn’t believe that he liked it. We oooed and ahhed like he had learned to write calligraphy. Clearly we are too easily entertained. 😉


      • shalini
        Jun 14, 2017 @ 23:11:56

        So am I.. I like the sound of you being enchanted by simple pleasures of life.. I always considered fish to have primitive brain but if it can recognise people then there has got to be some unexplored hidden features in its brain… Great discovery… Tell ur daughter or growing man to post on Facebook maybe some scientist will pick it up and give u credit.. U can always write as moments from the HAPPY FISH Jo

      • MoJo
        Jun 15, 2017 @ 06:26:44


  3. Elizabeth
    Jun 19, 2017 @ 08:18:19

    I’d laugh at the idea of giving a fish a ball but the ducks living in our bathtub (yes, seriously) have a rubber band toy they adore.


    • MoJo
      Jun 19, 2017 @ 10:27:06

      I made a rubber band ball years ago. It’s bizarre because it’s a total people magnet. No one can resist picking it up, so I’m sure the ducks are loving that, too. 😉


      • Elizabeth
        Jun 19, 2017 @ 11:47:33

        Their toy is just a rubber band wrapped around the faucet with another hanging down that they can pull and snap. They even bicker over which one gets to play with it at any given time. And sometimes that’s at 3 .am. Ducks are semi-nocturnal. Oh, joy.

  4. uapsnu
    Jun 22, 2017 @ 09:48:34

    Dear Mojo or whatever your name is, I am none other than Detective Tony Pastry of New Scotland Yard. My informant has told me that you are none other than the Red Herring, the notorious art thief. And my informant is very reliable: He recently sold me the Moon for £500 and a pint of mild. He’s very big in NASA, you know. He has also informed me that the Pink Panther films are not fictitious but are in fact a series of documentaries about a real Inspector Clouseau. Since then I have modelled my entire career on Clouseau’s achievements and it has not been easy, I can tell you. If you do not immediately hand yourself in at the nearest police station, I will have to come and put you under arrest.


    • MoJo
      Jun 22, 2017 @ 20:50:12

      Don’t try to trick me Bond. I know all 7 of your ploys. You thought you could fool me with your subtle Detective Pastry reference but of course those of us in the underworld of crime are quite familiar with your cookie jar heist busts. However you have made one critical error. I am not Red Herring. I am Red Handed and it appears that you have caught me. Or have you…


      • uapsnu
        Jun 23, 2017 @ 07:25:16

        You won’t confuse me with your James Bond reference. I am no ordinary fool! You will shortly be hearing the sound of police sirens and I would be grateful if you could make yourself available for arrest before 16:00 hours because my informant, who is also a proctologist, wishes to examine me afterwards. Thank you.

      • MoJo
        Jun 23, 2017 @ 22:23:08

        It’s true. I can see that your level of foolishness extends well into the realm of being extraordinary. Congrats on locating a full service proctologist. Getting a good one can be a serious pain in the rear.

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  6. MoJo
    Jun 28, 2017 @ 05:58:17

    Thank you! 🙂


  7. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad
    Aug 07, 2017 @ 16:44:56

    Call me crazy. Here’s a direct link to a post on my blog that I think is funny. You asked for it. 🙂


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