Defying Gravity – I’ll Never Sleep Again

snake climbing

Every now and then, a friend will share something with you that you will never forget no matter how hard you try.  No.  I’m not talking about an S.T.D. (although I would agree that this, too, would be quite memorable).

This photo was sent my way to display the true talent of our local critters.  The snake in this picture was scaling a column at her house.  She took the photo.  Not google.  And she doesn’t live too far away either.  It’s a display of nature’s incredible mastery of the elements, and this creature’s dexterity is terrifying.  These animals truly become one with the earth around them.

After further research, I have learned that snakes typically limit this kind of climbing to structures with stone or brick exterior walls.  Lucky for me, our new home is all brick.  So ultimately I am good if wolves come knocking but may be hosed if and other animal invaders appear.

Consequently I have come to the conclusion that one of the outcomes below will probably occur in the near future:

  • I will build a giant bubble around our brick house and cover it with baby oil to make sure that those suckers will slide off.
  • I will never sleep again.
  • I will be getting a brand new snakeskin handbag with matching shoes.

Any votes?  (Pick the bag and shoes!)

😉  Jo

***Thanks for the memories soul sister K!


(Nooooo I wouldn’t really hurt the snake.  With that said, he better stay outside or all bets are off.)

365 Challenge: Day 150 – Surprised

***Clarification – This is Jay’s one year bloggiversary, not mine.  I blogged a bit several years ago, but I went rogue and abandoned my computer for all things other than work.  I just returned to writing a couple of months ago.***

Check out wonderblogger Jay’s latest post and the others, too! He is a reading and writing machine but in a fun less Terminatoresque kind of way.

Thank you truly for the beautiful shout out and happy bloggiversary to you JC4. Also the blogger who shall not been named will henceforth be referred to (by me) as Voldemort the Second. I adore that Voldemort II, and of course, I adore you, too. Jo

This Is My Truth Now

Surprised: feeling or showing an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing


When I thought about today’s 365 Daily Challenge word, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that I’d created 150 posts already, which was a bit of a surprise. But then when I checked to verify I hadn’t used any word similar to ‘surprised,’ I received another shock. WordPress never emailed me to tell me I hit my one year blog anniversary over the weekend. Seriously, what’s that all about?

Technically, I created this blog in August 2016, but I only posted a few things about Watching a Glass Shatter. Hey, that’s another surprise… it’s one year this week since I started the outline for that novel. And if everything lines up, I might have a major step to announce for the book later this month. SURPRISE again.

Wow… this is an appropriate word for…

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